About Builds


About Builds

Online, I go by BucketMuncher. Obviously I'm a big fan of video games, especially Nintendo, which is why my icon is a Serperior. I also enjoy building in Minecraft and putting my skills to the test with new ideas however. Currently, I only build publicly for a server called Nogard (visit the website for more details - nogard.us), which is run by my friend. I still consider myself mediocre, but I do think that I will get better over time. I hope to eventually create truly amazing scenes in Minecraft, and for that skill to transfer to other projects and areas. Check out what I've built so far below!



One of the first things I built for server use. This project started as just a survival world to pass the time, but eventually turned into the KitPVP arena for Nogard.


The Hunger Games arena I built for Nogard. It also started from the same world as Airships, until I repurposed it for the server.


For Nogard's big update, I decided to make a new casino area to replace the old one. I referenced actual casinos and made it look similar to a show room.

Dragon Fortress

My biggest build to date. This castle is several chunks in area and took about three months to complete alone. I consider this build my best one yet and I especially like the style of the walls and towers.

Skyblock Store

Also built for Nogard, this build has a (very) small amount of Asian influence. After the server updated, I saw the need for a new and improved Skyblock store.

Emerald Cave

After paintball was added to the server, I figured it could use a map, so I got to work. A cave scene was one that I had always wanted to attempt to build and I believe it came out very nice.


This giant tree is a parkour course in reality. It isn't much, but I tried to make it look organic.

Fantasy Island

I had plans to make a new spawn after the old one (Dragon Fortress) had been causing lag issues. The idea for something like this came to me when I was free-building on the server and ended up with a structure I really liked. It would later be incorporated into the spawn.


Another paintball map I created later down the line. This started out as just a for-fun build in a creative plot. It ended up getting some really positive feedback though, so I spruced it up a bit and made it into a full map.